Can Mail Order Brides Sites Find Good Wives?

If you, like hundreds of other single men, have concerns about the legitimacy of mail order brides services, read on. We will tell you everything you need to know about these websites and share some tips that should help you choose a truly reliable, effective dating platform.

And now, not to bury the lead, we’ll answer that question in the title. Yes, mail order brides services can help find perfect wives. Provided, of course, you are using a legitimate website. That is why it is so important to understand the logic behind these sites, the features they must ensure, and the reasons why women join such services. Ready? Then, let’s go and answer all these questions!

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How do reputable mail order brides sites work?

Users, locations, and general operation logic

For starters, you have to understand that a brides site is a pretty selective platform, targeting people interested in marriage. The least serious relationship goal on such sites is a long-term commitment. The end goal is still marriage and a bride’s relocation to a new country. So, such sites simply do not allow looking for same-sex partners or casual hookups. Neither they work in your immediate vicinity. It’s technically possible to join a website that would feature women from the same country as you, and maybe even meet your match there.

However, most of the time, that’s not how things go. After all, ladies who join international dating platforms have their reasons looking for a foreign husband. Most of the time, they are disappointed in the local matches and want something different in life. The same is true for men — you, too, obviously have your reasons to consider international marriage. Many men just assume that since most brides come from developing countries, they simply want to marry someone better off and move to a more civilized state. That’s not true because mail order brides sites work in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and pretty much in all other developed, Western European countries. Still, brides are specifically looking for foreign partners, just like men are specifically looking for foreign brides.

We will pay closer attention to the brides’ potential motives in a different section of this article. Right now, we’ll just have to sum up the essentials. Most of the brides do, indeed, come from second-world countries with still-developing economies. However, most single men from developed countries are also interested in those particular regions. Women in these states are less selfish, more hard-working, and way more family-centered. That makes them ideal matches for a man with a traditional family focus.

As for the exact locations, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe seem to be the most popular destinations for brides hunting. You can find services that operate within such vast regions. Or, you could find websites that deal with one particular country. Unfortunately, you will not find a site that works in every little corner of the globe. Such a scope would be too broad for a single business. Especially if you consider that most sites launch local offices in the countries and geographic areas they represent on their websites. They do it for highly important security reasons we will be discussing below.

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Communication, security concerns, and verification procedures

Now, a truly important part. This one aspect is crucial because it’s a number one sign of a reputable brides service — strict identity verification. This is, essentially, what you’re paying for (because all reliable brides sites will have communication fees). Absolutely all ladies’ profiles on reputable sites are verified. Often, this verification will even happen in person — in one of the local offices. If there is none in the lady’s particular town, she may be interviewed over a video call. But still — she will be interviewed. Note, that you will unlikely see any verification badges next to the brides’ profiles. Those badges are for sites that leave identity verification optional. On brides sites, it’s obligatory.

You may argue that single-time identity verification is no reason enough to charge all men monthly communication fees. In a way, you’re right. Still, site managers do not just glimpse over ladies’ IDs only once. They stay in touch with absolutely all their lady users to make sure none of their accounts switch hands. So, they occasionally call the brides and ask questions about their latest profile activity and personal data. This way, solid platforms eliminate all ill-intended users or users who are no longer active. As a result, single men get a chance to chat with 100% real, available women who are regularly active on the site.

As for the actual communication logic, it’s pretty standard. Users create profiles, fill in their relationships goals, background history, set their partner preferences, and get match-making results. All the above steps are absolutely free of charge — no one will even ask you for a credit card number. You will pay only when you start talking to the brides.

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Few words about payments and billing logic

The payment logic will largely depend on the site. Some run on fixed-price subscriptions, and users are supposed to pay for those in advance. The more months you order, the lower the cost of each month will be. Some other sites work on the per-credit system. For some people, it may be more beneficial because it allows paying only for communication means you need and use. Subscriptions, on the contrary, will usually sell communication options ‘in bulk,’ and men may end up not using some of them. On the other hand, per-credit payments have a fixed price on every message and minute of chat used. As opposed to subscriptions (that go down in price for long-term customers), communication fees in the credit system remain unchanged, no matter how much you chat or how long you’re using the website. In other words, per-credit (aka, per-service) payment has no discounts at all. 

Plus, if you consider that most men spend around a year on brides services, it might be a more reasonable idea to find a reputable site and become a full member for at least year. An annual subscription on unlimited communication will cost from $150 to $200, depending on the particular service. This choice, however, is entirely up to you — as long as the site verifies its users and protects your privacy, the actual billing logic is a matter of personal preference.

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Stunning mail order brides & their reasons for joining

Now that you understand how a reputable service should work, let’s move to the truly exciting part. Who are these foreign brides? What are they looking for online? Why won’t they settle for local matches? What can you expect from them and what you’re supposed to offer in return?

We already mentioned that you could find online brides in literally any country of the world, regardless of its social and economic conditions. Still, the sheer number of different countries (not to mention different women in each of these countries) does not make it possible to come up with a comprehensive list of reasons. So, we will do some generalizing instead.

Let’s start with the rarest of birds — Western mail order brides. Obviously, their living conditions are more than satisfactory. Why would they want to relocate, then? Well, some of them are just curious about other cultures and travel a lot. Sooner or later, they find a country they like more than their homeland. Besides, developed economies go hand in hand with high taxes. So, the actual living quality may suffer. Some Western ladies have enough of that and want to give a more peaceful life a try. Besides, the US is not the only example that falls under the ‘stressful’ living category. Here, Japan takes the lead.

If we already mentioned Japan, we have to focus on other Asian countries as well. Plenty of them are quite poor, but it’s not the poverty most brides are running from. Developing Asian countries are still male-dominated, and women do not even get a say in many important matters. In India, for example, even prearranged marriages are still a thing. What’s even more striking is that plenty of Indian women are physically and emotionally abused by their husbands. So, no wonder that the most resourceful of brides are trying their luck online.

Speaking of family abuse, Latin America is famous for it. For you, it may seem shocking — who would want to abuse such a stunningly beautiful, irresistibly hot lady as a Latin wife or girlfriend? Well, some local men do — at the very least, they cheat on them. Once again, it may sound unbelievable to a Westerner, but a certain degree of male promiscuity is a part of the Latin American machismo culture. Besides, in the region where all women are so beautiful, men inevitably start taking hotness for granted.

Speaking of taking things for granted, we have to turn our gaze to Eastern Europe — another popular destination for a brides hunt. These ladies are the true aristocrats of online dating. They are educated, smart, and beautiful. They are also charming, hard-working, and resourceful. More importantly, their mentality is quite close to ours. So, no Western men will ever get a cultural shock if he marries an Eastern European bride. Well, not too shocking a shock, at least. Similar to hot Latin beauties, they are often under-appreciated by local men. These women manage to combine excellent education and impressive careers with running effective households and taking care of the children — all while taking care of their health and beauty as well. Sounds unbelievable, right? Unfortunately, their local men know it’s true. And, unfortunately, they came to a sad assumption that every woman MUST do all those things while the men relax and enjoy their ladies’ efforts.

This, of course, is just a brief overview of the most common reasons. The details will always differ, and you can easily ask one of your future matches about her reasons for joining the online dating world. Most of them will not lie. Why? Find out in our brief psychological evaluation below.

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What are these brides truly like?

Since we’re discussing mail order brides in general, it won’t be possible to focus on purely cultural peculiarities. Instead, we suggest you research them on your own — after (or in the process of) defining your geographic area of interest. We will only describe the kind of woman it takes to join an international marriage service:

  • Straightforward and open-minded: most women, even those who want to get married and start a family, play coy about their intentions. Online brides do not — they state their relationship goals pretty clearly. Often, this straightforward attitude transfers to other spheres of life as well. These women know what they want and why they do something. So, most of them have no problem expressing their motives or desires.
  • Adventurous and courageous: at the same time, it takes certain courage to change one’s life. In these women’s particular case, a move to a foreign country would uproot their lives entirely. However, most are ready for the change and even welcome it with all their hearts. We’d call such a mix ‘part adventurous, part brave.’
  • Patient and determined: dating online is not all about courage or adventure. Just like men need about a year to find a wife, women need the same amount of time to find a good husband. So, it’s also about patience and determination when working towards a particular goal. Patient women eventually succeed.
  • Caring and family-focused: today, most women have multiple opportunities to express themselves. Getting married and starting a family is no longer their only means of self-expression — not even in patriarchal Asia. But still — online brides are determined to find good husbands and create lasting families. Such a desire has only one explanation for it — these women have good hearts and want to take care of someone. So, their family and social mindsets are highly traditional. One may even call them old-fashioned.
  • Hard-working and resourceful: finding the means to meet good matches, registering with the dating agency, taking time to date online — all of those require time and effort. And it’s not like online brides have nothing to do with their time: they work, they study, they take care of their parents or raise children from former marriages. And yet — they keep working to build their own happiness. That requires a lot of time and energy, adding credibility to the above statement.

To wrap it all up, reliable mail order brides sites work quite effectively. More importantly, they offer some of the best shots at happiness for single, family-focused men. Don’t waste it and register with one of these services to find your perfect wife!

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