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If you happen to look at beauty pageants through the course of the last decade or so, you notice that more and more hot Asian women rank high. How great it would be to have one of those beauties as your girlfriend or perhaps even wife! But you might discard this idea because they seem way out of your league. The truth is that your chances of dating and marrying a gorgeous Asian lady are more than real. In this article, we present our humble guide on how to connect with beautiful Asian women and conquer their hearts forever.

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Online dating and its variety of Asian brides

Both general-audience dating platforms and those specializing in Asian women are full of attractive ladies looking to marry a gentleman like you. They come from various countries and regions, and – contrary to the outdated stereotype – they are all quite different. Still, there is a set of features and traits that you can expect in an Asian lady.

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Widespread traits that make Asian women so attractive

  • Their upbringing welcomes a girl’s education and career, but it still puts family forward. Girls are raised to be apt and respectful wives and mothers in the first place. All her childhood, an Asian girl dreams of that special man who will love her and that special day when the two of them unite in holy matrimony. However, as her older sisters and friends get married, she will often see that their family life is not as picture-perfect as they would imagine it. Not surprisingly, when a girl is trained to see her prime duty in pleasing her husband, he will treat her as a servant and disrespect her in many ways. Sad as it is, it’s to your benefit because this is the prime reason that inspires young Asian girls to look for a foreign gentleman to marry.
  • An essential part of being an excellent wife is staying faithful to her husband no matter what. As such, when this young Asian woman enters into a marriage, she expects nothing less than an eternal union and is ready to work her hardest for it. In their culture, any divorce is a scandal to be avoided by all means. If that ever happens, the reasons must be downright outrageous. Understandably, husbands take advantage of this custom. Therefore, a Western gentleman who will treat her with respect wins extra points.
  • They know how to preserve their natural beauty. An Asian woman is keen on always looking her best. She does not try hard only on a special occasion, and not even each time she leaves the house to do the groceries or take out the trash. The main person she wants to impress is her husband – so, looking stunning when at home is equally important. If you spontaneously decide to invite a colleague over for a drink, your Asian wife will make you proud and your colleague envious. Moreover, she’ll prepare some delicious last-minute snacks to impress you even further.
  • They don’t shy away from cooking every day, and they are unmatched at it. As a bonus, these delicacies are made from organic products and are equally healthy and tasty. You probably tasted Asian fast food before and were surprised at how simple yet wholesome those meals are. Well, you ought to know that it’s nothing compared to a masterpiece prepared by a loving Asian girl’s hands for her beloved husband. These recipes are preserved for generations, but they are flexible, too. When your lovely Asian wife moves in with you, she will creatively adjust those recipes to the natural ingredients available in your area and, of course, your taste.
  • They are taught not to complain. Instead, whenever they encounter a problem, they won’t let it stand in their way. They are incredibly resourceful, and they will apply all their wit and creativity to solve any situation seamlessly.

We repeat – these are merely essentials that are to be expected in Asian brides. Naturally, each of them is a unique gem waiting for you to unveil its attractive sides. The best place to discover a gem of your very own is a respectable Asian women dating platform. The days when such places were swarming with scammers are long gone, and only the most trustworthy players have remained in business. So, there is to reason for hesitation when your happiness is just a few clicks away.

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Debunking the ‘Asian mail order brides are after money’ myth

Another stereotype you might be aware of is that foreign women register on international dating platforms with the sole purpose of marrying money (or a green card). Objectively speaking, this is quite a bold endeavor that one can go for only out of utter desperation. Indeed, some women in Asia, just like in any other place in the world, might be that desperate. But you can be sure that the overwhelming majority of ladies come to these websites for what these websites advertise – marriage. Modesty and honesty are the principal values that Asian parents struggle to instill in their daughters. So, as much as Asian mail order brides appreciate financial stability or valuable presents, it’s not their prime motivator. 

To them, marriage is a holy union that must not be desecrated by such low things as financial fraud. So, even so much as an idle idea of committing something like that will seldom cross an Asian girl’s mind. Besides, most Asian countries are quite well-off economically, and they are not less stable socially than most Western countries. So, Asian girls don’t have a dire need to leave their countries. What they do have is the sheer desire to build a happy family with a gentleman who will respect and appreciate them – the kind of a man that’s rare to come across in their home countries.

Another motivator they have is somewhat superficial yet powerful. Just like you are attracted to their petite stature, silk-like hair, and porcelain skin, beautiful Asian women are attracted to Western men’s looks they’ve seen in the movies and on TV. But – no worries, you don’t need to look like a Hollywood star. You’re already as exotic to them as they are to your, and that’s a winning point for you, too.

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7-step guide to getting yourself a gorgeous Asian wife

  1. Admit that you like Asian women and want an Asian girl as your life partner. Digging too deep into self-reflection about which of their traits is so magnetic to you is not needed. There may be too many to count. It also doesn’t matter whether you’d prefer a hot Asian teen girl or a more mature one. The main thing is to have the realization of your desire as a starting point.
  2. Open any search engine and enter something like ‘Asian women dating.’ Search engines are growing increasingly smart and sophisticated these days, so they will most probably put the best Asian dating sites on top of their search results. You can open the first one and see how well you like it. Most dating platforms will offer you something of a free tour before you even sign up. You can find out about the site’s features and prices and browse through some of the user profiles. And, of course, you can take a look at how navigable, user-friendly, and eye-pleasing the site is. All of these details are important. You must be prepared to spend quite some time with the website before you finally meet the one and are confident that she is indeed the one. As such, don’t rush into signing up with the first website you seem to like. Check out at least 5-10 of them before you make up your mind.

When you do, it’s time to sign up and create your profile. The process might seem somewhat tedious, but it’s well worth it to fill out your profile to the full. Evidently, ladies are more responsive to men who take the effort of explaining key details about themselves than to those who leave their profiles half-empty. Secrecy is not an attractive trait in a gentleman. Additionally, providing as much information as possible will facilitate the website’s matchmaking algorithms and make them more accurate.

Mind that dating websites will only offer a handful of their features for free. To make use of the full set of features and services, you’ll have to choose a membership plan and subscribe.

  1. Go to the website’s search section and enter the details about a woman you’d like to meet here. It can be all sorts of details that you deem important – from her age range to education level and hobbies. You can be as specific as you feel comfortable. If the system confuses you or even if you have the tiniest questions about how this whole thing works, don’t be shy to look for answers in the website’s FAQ section or contact the customer support.
  2. Seeing how many hot Asian girls you’ll find, you might feel like the right thing to do is to single out one of them and focus on getting to know her better. In truth, such an approach isn’t all that constructive; that’s not how online dating works. You might be well-aware about some of the details of your ideal Asian bride but not about other ones. Should she be a more going-out type or more ‘Netflix and chill’ type? Is it better if she has a university degree or should she better be a country girl who knows her way around the barn? Remember that, since this commitment will be for life, no detail is too small. As such, don’t expect to find ‘the one’ from the get-go and don’t focus on only one lady from the very beginning.
  3. Try out all the communication methods that the site has to offer: instant chats, emails, video chats, etc. to see which are the most comfortable for you. Communicate with the ladies whenever you have spare time and whenever you feel like. Considering the fact that you’re in different time zones, email may be the most convenient means of communication for a start. Later on, you might negotiate a comfortable time to have a live conversation, perhaps even with video.

Online communication may take up to several months before you are reasonably confident that one of the Asian singles on the website could be an ideal wife for you. When that moment comes, it’s time for men to meet Asian women in person. Since you’re the gentleman, you should be the one to travel to her country to meet her. If you’ve never traveled a long distance before, don’t fret – the best Asian dating sites have got you covered. They will gladly take care of all the travel arrangements for you, including (but not limited to) translator services, hotel bookings, flight reservations, possible visa-related peculiarities, etc. They also usually have a blog where you can read all about dating a girl from a particular culture. This might include what kind of date she will most probably love, what you should avoid by all means, how to impress her family, etc.

  1. Once you meet your Asian woman and are 100% confident about your intention to marry her, there will be plenty of bureaucracy to deal with – because you don’t want any problems with the ICE or anyone else. You can contact your country’s embassy in her country for assistance or, if you find all this paperwork confusing, hire a lawyer who specializes in such issues. Your dating platform’s blog can also be a valuable source of relevant information.

Finally, remember that paying a dowry for a bride is still common practice in many parts of Asia. Depending on the region, the amount of dowry may vary from purely symbolic to over $10,000.


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